Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Government Conspiracy to Create FEMA Concentration Camps

Hello everyone. This is my first blog post, and I want you to know they will not always be this serious. However, I have just today discovered something horrifying. Upon receiving a tip from a friend of mine about a banned episode of Conspiracy Theory, I looked up the video on Youtube. What I saw appalled me.

 Before we get into the meat of this thing, let me give you background on the episode. Jesse Ventura did this particular episode as an expose on the subject of a Police State. This is when the government can suspend civil rights and liberties of the citizens and impose complete and total martial law. After the episode aired, it was pulled from all networks in less than 30 minutes and videos were pulled off of every website they could find. Cable companies remotely deleted it from all DVR and Tivo recorders under their control within days. Luckily some people pulled the video from their hardware before this could happen and it survived to see the internet anyway. On an episode of Coast to Coast AM with George Norry, Gov. Ventura was being interviewed and when they began to broach the subject of the FEMA Camps, the line went dead. Upon reconnecting with Gov. Ventura, he stated that this had happened to him twice already while being interviewed on other programs.

Here is a link to the entire episode on YouTube.
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura - "Police State"

I am going to publish links to the House Bill and Executive Order from President Obama which allow these camps to exist. I am not going to cover the Fusion Center aspect in my post, in the interest of keeping it short. But these centers are a danger to our right to privacy, our right to free access to information, and our most basic freedom of all: free speech. They operate with no oversight from the American People, no federal control, and absolutely NO GUIDELINES LIMITING THEIR OPERATIONAL AUTHORITY AND PRACTICES!

It is frightening isn't it? They can access your private information, monitor your private communications, and even round you up based on nothing more than your views on certain issues. After 9/11 the federal government gave it's self the absolute authority to play Big Brother. And what's worse? We can do nothing about it. They did it all on the record, right out in the open.

Now, on to the camps. In 2010, President Obama signed an executive order dividing the country into 10 regions under the direct control of 10 governors. Here is the link to the official White House release of the order.
Executive Order Authorizing the Council of Governors.

Now here is the map detailing the sectors the Council of Governors will have jurisdiction over.

Now here is the map showing the country divided into the 10 sectors FEMA branches have jurisdiction over.

Notice the shocking similarity? So did I. It seems as if when the hammer comes down, the Council and FEMA already have the country divided into 10 easily manageable sectors. Now what do they plan to do with the people who will protest these actions when they occur? Oh they have an answer for that. 

This is one of the FEMA concentration camps. This one is in Texas. It has a double row of barbed wire fence around the perimeter, guard towers, and is securely locked at all hours. Even the main office doors facing the street. Thats right, you can not even go in. 

They even have children confined here. 

How could this happen you ask? The answer is Bill H.R. 645. Read it closely. Here is the link to the official government source displaying the bill.

H.R. 645

These places were constructed with government funding supplied to a subsidiary of Halliburton. Here is a link to a news source who covered the story.

Liberty for Life Story on FEMA Camps and Halliburton. 

This is a flagrant abuse of our civil liberties by the United States Government. There is no need for this as a measure to protect the safety and security of the American People. It is obviously a plan by the power elite to subdue and control the populace and take away our most precious and basic freedoms. I hope you are aware that the people of the United States will not stand for this once the truth gets out about this Washington.

I am going to go on the record and state that I am a life long Liberal, and I have always believed Government can be a wonderful tool to provide services to improve the quality of life for it's citizens. However, I can not stand by and abide this kind of blatant abuse of power by the people we voted for to lead and protect us. I urge you to stand up and voice your opinion and conviction on this matter. If we do not take steps to stop this in it's tracks, the free country we have all enjoyed for so long will turn into a government ruled, military enforced police state. A country where we are not allowed to speak our minds, and people will not due to the fear of being confined as a subversive and executed.